Racing Home Greyhound Adoption <body> <p>If you see this, your browser does not support frames or is not configured to display frames. Please update your browser (<a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0</a> (1024x768) <i>OR</i> <a href="" target="_blank">Netscape 7.1</a> (1024x768) ) and come back. </p> <h1>A brief Explanation of our site:</h1> <p>The Racing Home Greyhound Adoption site,, is dedicated to the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, is a non-profit organization which contacts racetrack, and obtains the greyhounds when they are too old to race any longer, when they are retired, ready for greyhound retirement, or homeless greyhounds. Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, finds greyhound placement, provides greyhound veterinary care, and greyhound education and later greyhound adoption support. </p> <p>The mission of the Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, non-profit group is to find greyhound placement for retired racing greyhounds, or retired greyhounds, and other homeless greyhounds. Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, provides veterinary care, food, shelter, greyhound education, loving and socialization to the retired racing greyhounds, retired greyhounds, or homeless greyhounds during their transition to a greyhound adoption or greyhound placement home that is adopting greyhounds. Once greyhound adoption has taken place, Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, provides greyhound adoption support for the greyhound and the greyhound adoption family to assure a successful greyhound placement, including greyhound care and greyhound education. </p> <p style="font-size: x-large; color: #ff0000;">Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, is organized as a non-profit, volunteer organization which is governed by a Board of Directors and voting members. </p> <p style="font-size: x-large ; color: #0000ff; font-weight: bolder;">We provide:<br></p> <ol style="font-size: x-large ; color: #0000ff; font-weight: bolder;"> <li>Greyhound education and greyhound care are provided to foster greyhounds, homeless greyhounds, and prospective greyhound adoption homes about retired racing Greyhounds. </li> <li>Shelter and greyhound care for retired racing Greyhounds and homeless greyhounds are provided as they are taken off the racetrack to retire and to become retired greyhounds for greyhound placement to an adopting greyhound home or to become a foster greyhounds. </li> <li>Greyhound education and greyhound care is provided, when needed, to adopting Greyhounds already in permanent homes or foster greyhounds, in order to keep the greyhound in a good racing greyhound retirement environment and in greyhound placement. </li> <li>Greyhound placement in suitable foster greyhounds homes and permanent adopting greyhound homes for all retired racing Greyhounds or homeless greyhounds taken into our care is provided with greyhound care and greyhound education . </li> <li>Financial and emotional support or greyhound care and greyhound education to our foster greyhounds homes, adopting greyhounds, homeless greyhounds and racing greyhound retirement using the Greyhound best interest and greyhound care as a guide. </li> <li>As a non-profit greyhound adoption group, Racing Home Greyhound Adoption,, uses fundraising events in order to provide greyhound care and greyhound education for all foster Greyhounds, retired greyhounds from the racetrack, adopting greyhounds, homeless greyhounds, and retired racing greyhounds taken in by Racing Home Greyhound Adoption, </li> <li>Greyhound adoption for Greyhounds that are homeless greyhounds that are abandoned, strays, or relinquished by their Owners, regardless of reason. </li> </ol> <p><font size="+2" color="#0000ff"><b>We are located in the Greater Phoenix, AZ Area</b></font> </p> <p>Our site content is based on the following keywords:, Racing Home Greyhound Adoption, greyhound adoption, adopting greyhounds, greyhound, adoption, racetrack, retire, retired greyhounds, retired racing greyhounds, greyhound care, greyhound placement, greyhound education, greyhound adoption support, greyhound retirement, racing greyhound, racing greyhound retirement, foster greyhounds, homeless greyhounds, and non-profit </p> <p> <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Valid HTML 4.0!" height="31" width="88"></a> </p> </body>