About Us

Racing Home Greyhound Adoption is organized as a non-profit, volunteer organization, granted 501c3 status effective July 30, 2004, and which is governed by a Board of Directors and voting members.

We provide:

Education to the public and prospective homes about retired racing Greyhounds.
Shelter and care for retired racing Greyhounds as they are taken off the track and transition to a forever home.
Assistance, when needed, to Greyhounds already in permanent homes, in order to keep the dogs in a good environment.
Placement in suitable foster and permanent homes for all Greyhounds taken into our care.
Financial and emotional support to our foster homes using the Greyhounds’ best interest as a guide.
Fundraising events in order to care for all Greyhounds taken in by RHGA.
Placement for Greyhounds that are abandoned, strays, or relinquished by their Owners, regardless of reason.

We are located in the Greater Phoenix, AZ Area