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Athena came to live with us as a foster on 06/08/2012, but it feels like she has always been part of the family. It took her no time to make herself at home, learned the stairs right away and our daily routine. Athena is sharing the house with two other Greyhounds and two Dobermans.

She loves to go for walks but prefers to "smell the roses", instead of exercising so when it's her turn, I make sure we have plenty of time to go slow and enjoy.

Athena shows great interest on small creatures when we are out, so I believe she is not cat safe or small dog safe.

She is on the heavy side so currently I'm limiting the amount of food she eats to help her regain her Greyhound figure.

At some point in her previous life, she was injured, so her face is not aligned correctly. She is not in any pain, however her vision is not perfect.

She is a perfect lady and a pleasure to have around. Athena loves belly rubs and will try to get your attention if you slow down or stop petting her.

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