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Jackson came to us from Texas this past weekend. He belonged to a Coyote farmer who gave him and his two littermates to his daughter to sell to make money for college. The three puppies were purchased by a rescuer in Texas who then contacted GALT. Because GALT knows we LOVE puppies, they contacted us to see if we would take two of the pups.

Jackson has been wormed; he will need his second round of medication in two to three weeks. We will also be out in the next week to week and a half to give him the final round of puppy shots.

Jackson was neutered on Monday. He has dissolvable stitches so should not be bathed for a couple of weeks.

Jackson is not house-broken, but he is catching on to the concept of going outside when he has to potty. He is already using a dog door, and if he has access to it, he won't have an accident in the house.

Jackson is the cuddliest of the three pups and he is the most people friendly. He loves to be held and cuddled – he's such a sweet baby!

Jackson is currently in the prison program waiting for a forever home.

The adoption fee for Jackson is $450, since he is Prison trained and so young.

Interested in adopting Jackson?


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