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Peanut is a Greyhound mix. She's had a pretty rough go of it, and we’re hoping the training she will receive in the program will help her to find a forever home.

Peanut was rescued from a kill shelter in Oklahoma by a Greyhound group in the area. After keeping her in a foster home for five months, the group decided they “needed the space for adoptable dogs” so Peanut was transferred to GALT in Texas. GALT contacted us to see if we could take Peanut and another Greyhound who had been in foster with her, and of course we said yes.

Peanut has been in foster with us for several months. She is very active, very food aggressive, and she doesn’t play well with others. She will be the perfect only dog for someone who will love her. She’s not particularly fond of small dogs, so please watch her closely with the puppy.

Peanut is currently in the prison program waiting for a forever home.

The adoption fee for Peanut is $350, since she is Prison trained.

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