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Shoes is a beautiful Black Female. She was born on October 6 2004.

Shoes is a super sweet girl who is quiet and extremely well behaved in the house. She is completely potty trained, and has never had an accident. She is very quiet and calm in the house and enjoys being near her humans, but most the time she is happy just to curl up on her fluffy bed and sleep. Just knowing your there is enough for her. Shoes is fine alone when you have to go to work, she doesn't show any seperation anxiety when she is left for several hours. She is an affectionate girl, and not shy. She loves to be petted, and will come to you for love but is not a pest about it either. Shoes is a bit of a bowl hog, and will growl if someone approaches her bowl while shes eating. She knows her commands, Sit, Down, Stay, Go Potty, and get on your bed well. Shoes would be a fantastic only dog or she could easily fit into your pack. She is a very pretty girl, her pictures don't do her justice. She loves to roach with her feet up in the air, and noises like Thunder don't scare her too much. She will go into the other room when you vacuum. Shoes is a wonderful girl that is looking for a family to love her...and in return you will have a life long friend.

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