Pictures of our Adopted Greyhounds and their new families

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Racing Home

GLS Watchn Wendy

adopted Oct. 8, 2004

[GLS WatchnWendy]
Wendy with "Oma and Opa"

Jam (RJ's Jam)

adopted Nov. 7, 2004

Jam with Dirk

Novell (Notorious Novell)

adopted Nov. 21, 2004

[Novell and Bali]
Novell with Bali

Binny (Bethany)

adopted Nov. 21, 2004

[Binny with Owner]
Binny, with Jack (a Jack Russel), Lulu (an Italian Greyhound), and Mom, Lanaadopted Nov. 21, 2004
[Binny with family]
Binny with familyadopted Nov. 21, 2004

Dakota (Just Az Bashful)

adopted Nov. 28, 2004

[Dakota with her new sibling Kenya]
Dakota with Kenya

Swede (Prima Swede)

adopted Jan. 16, 2005

[Swede with Greyt sister Ava, and his human family]
Swede with Greyt sister Ava, and his human family

Kenya (Bella Sidewinder)

adopted Mar. 10, 2005

[Kenya with her new sibling Dakota]
Kenya with her sibling Dakota

Christine (Dee's Christine)

Bert (USS Shameless)

adopted June 17, 2005

[Christine and Bert with Family]
Christine and Bert with Family
[Bert and Christine with Family]
Bert and Christine with Family

Wiz (Wizard of Wag)

adopted July 27, 2005

[Wiz and Lilly]
Wiz with sister Lilly

Ellie (Flying Patella)


adopted Aug. 16, 2005

[Ellie and new sibling Chrome]
Ellie with sibling Chrome
[Chrome and new sibling Ellie]
Chrome with sibling Ellie adopted Aug. 16, 2005


adopted Oct. 2, 2005

[Peaches & Family]
Peaches with Family

Rocket (Bow Rocknroll)

adopted Jan. 29, 2006

Rocket with his brother Ozzie


adopted April 3, 2006

[Tish in pool]

Elmer (Hey Elmer)

adopted April 22, 2006

[Elmer and Tanner]
Elmer with brother Tanner
[Elmer and Tanner playing]
Elmer with brother Tanner playing


adopted June 4, 2006

[Happy Felix]
Felix in Canada


adopted June 4, 2006

[Beau and his new brother George]
Beau with his brother George
[Beau feeling comfortable in new home]
Beau feeling comfortable in new home
[Beau smiling for the camera]
Beau smiling for the camera
[Beau tired after trip to Michigan]
Beau tired after trip to Michigan
[Beau dressed for cold of Michigan]
Beau dressed for cold of Michigan
[Beau's brother George on vacation, too]
Beau's brother George on vacation, too
[Beau's brother George and a new toy]
Beau's brother George and a new toy
[Come closer]
Come closer!
[Love that fire.]
Love that fire.
[Riding in the car.]
Riding in the car.
[In Michigan - Brr, it is COLD]
In Michigan - Brr, it is COLD
[Another Michigan shot, but warmer]
Another Michigan shot, but warmer
[Sleeping in a Chair]
Beau sleeping in a chair

Eagle (Jaded Eagle)

adopted November 18, 2006

[Eagle with his mommy, Jaded Cathy]
Eagle with his mommy, Jaded Cathy
[Eagle on Christmas Morning]
Eagle on Christmas Morning
[Eagle's tongue]
Eagle licking his own nose