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Thank you for your interest in adopting a retired racing greyhound. Greyhounds make wonderful companion pets and will give you many years of love and devotion. Our Application has been designed to evaluate potential adopters to ensure that each person who adopts a Greyhound is not only aware of that responsiblility, but also to address the compatibility of the home in which each Greyhound is placed.




We are going to have to implement a $25.00 application fee to deter the people who are "shopping" groups. The non-refundable fee will be applied toward the $225.00 adoption fee, which is also non-refundable, for a Greyhound if the potential adopter finals an adoption with us..

The fee for a foster family who chooses to adopt their foster dog will be $200.00.

If a family adopts two dogs at one time, the total cost will be $425.00, a savings of $25.00. If they adopt one dog, then later adopt a second and/or third, the fee for the second and/or third dogs will be $225.00 each.


Interested in adopting a greyhound?


We would ask that you fill out an application.

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