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Angel Sponsorship Program

Become a Greyhound Angel Sponsor

You can help Racing Home Greyhound Adoption, (RHGA), care for some very special Greyhounds! Our Angel Sponsorship Program helps us pay for the cost of providing care for Greyhounds in need of special food, equipment, veterinary care, and medication. The program also supports Greyhounds who have had major medical costs or who are "forever fosters" due to age or medical condition. It's a great way to "adopt" a Greyhound!

With the RHGA Angel Sponsorship Program, you contribute a minimum of $10.00 per month - either for a specific Greyhound or as a general sponsor. As a general sponsor, you may also choose to help us by donating items (or money). Please look over our Wish List. All donations are tax deductible.


Sponsor Programs

As a Sponsor you will receive:

A General Sponsor:

  • Twelve (12) payment reminder stickers for your calendar (for sponsors paying monthly)
  • Our newsletter and invitations to special events
  • A personal Thank You Note from RHGA

A Greyhound Sponsor will also receive:

  • Your name on the Angel Page next to the Greyhound(s) you are sponsoring
  • A glossy 4x6 photo of the Greyhounds(s) you are sponsoring, along with information about their racing career.



Instructions for Registration

Please fill out an Application for each Greyhound for whom you wish to be an Angel or if you wish to become a General sponsor.



You may send a check or money order, in a lump sum or on a monthly basis, to:

P. O. Box 43102
Phoenix, AZ 85080
Attn: Greyhound Angels


If you are paying monthly, you may return to this site monthly to make your payment.

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