Bowl-a-Rama 2004 Pictures

Racing Home
[Racing Home Greyhound Association Logo]
[Looks like we are doing well]
Looks like we are doing well.
[Hoping for a spare]
Hoping for a spare.
[I cannot believe it]
I cannot believe it
[They have special water for pets?]
They have special water for pets?
[That's not too bad]
That's not too bad.
[I could sure use a strike!]
I could sure use a strike!
[The Racing Home Greyhound Adoption Team.]
The Racing Home Greyhound Adoption Team.
[Come on! Come on! I need that strike!!!]
Come on! Come on! I need that strike!!!
[We are SO having fun now!!]
We are SOOO having fun now!!
[Fall! Fall! Fall!]
Fall! Fall! Fall!
[Is it my turn?]
Is it my turn?
[I missed all of them.]
I missed all of them.
[Just look at that score]
Just look at that score.
[Only 8 pins?]
Only 8 pins?
[These pet lovers!]
These pet lovers!

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