Pictures with Santa

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[Racing Home Greyhound Association Logo]
[Our Setup Area]
Our Setup Area
[Santa Getting Ready]
Santa Getting Ready
[A "Grey" Deer?]
A "Grey" Deer?
[A front view of the "Grey" Deer]
A front view of the "Grey" Deer
[A closer shot of the "Grey" Deer]
A closer shot of the elusive "Grey" Deer.
[a "greyt" elf!]
a "greyt" elf!
[What big ears you have!]
What big ears you have!
[Close up of the "grey" elf]
Close up of the "grey" elf
[Santa and his elf]
Santa and his elf
[Another shot of Santa and his elf]
Another shot of Santa and his elf
[Showing off our stuff]
Showing off our stuff
[Nice Jacket!]
Nice Jacket!
[Hey! Watch that nose!]
Hey! Watch that nose!
[Sit Pretty Santa!]
Sit Pretty Santa!
[A Rare "Grey Fawn" elf?]
A Rare "Grey Fawn" elf

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