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Greyhound Planet Day 2006
5th anniversary of GREYHOUND PLANET!

September 17th - 24th, 2006

We are inviting YOU to be a part of history by helping celebrate Greyhounds and their relatives during GREYHOUND PLANET!

GREYHOUND PLANET began back in September 2002 as the only breed specific event that national pet supply store supports through an in-store fundraiser. Many groups joined in and PETCO (retail and the PETCO Foundation) teamed up with hundreds of Greyhound adoption groups to help host this very special event. The event spotlighted Greyhounds and their sighthound relatives (Galgos and lurchers, too), Greyhound adoption, awareness, education and mourning those we've lost over the years. It was an exciting time, a tearful time and it brought awareness to the general public about Greyhounds as Pets. Groups were seen on TV, in local newspapers, downtown parades, public parks, pet stores, town squares and even at the border between Canada and the United States. Groups from many different countries joined in on the world wide celebration. Everywhere you looked, you saw Greyhounds. Of course, our first event was for only one day back then. Finally, the total tally of donations came in. We were estatic and also in tears at the same time. No one could imagine that over $56,000 was raised for our first event in 2002 and it was all for the Greyhounds and their relatives.

It was an exciting milestone. Greyhound adoption was moving forward. The general public was getting educated about Greyhounds as pets more than they ever had before. More adoptions were taking place and groups were receiving much needed extra funds from PETCO from signing up to be a charitable partner with PETCO! It was a win win situation for everyone.

Fast forward to now - since 2002, year to date and with PETCO's help, the total raised for retired racing Greyhounds and their relatives has been over $350,000! More Greyhounds are being adopted and educating the general public has increased.

Here we are 5 years later and there's no turning back. We are still moving forward once again with an 8 DAY fundraiser September 17th - 24th this year. Remember, we started out with only one day and now we've increased it up to 8 days because it's grown so large! Unlike other Greyhound gatherings where we gather in one place, GREYHOUND PLANET is celebrated all over the entire world - United States, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom and many other countries. From border to border, sea to sea, city to city - we show our passion about Greyhounds to the world!

This year is our ****5th*** anniversary! We are inviting EVERY group out there to help celebrate Greyhounds during September 17th - 24th this year. PETCO will be hosting our 8 day event once again, gathering donations through round ups at ALL of their stores throughout the United States. If you are a 501c3 group and have been a charitable partner with PETCO for GREYHOUND PLANET last year or in years past, you will be receiving an updated booklet about GREYHOUND PLANET. It's a *how to* booklet. Please use this as your guide to sign up with PETCO this year as a charitable partner for GREYHOUND PLANET or to answer any questions you might have. If you are a new group (or new to GREYHOUND PLANET) and would like to be a charitable partner with PETCO, please contact your local PETCO store manager or local PETCO general manager for more information. PETCO will have a new fundraiser item again this year to help increase donations.

If you would like to have your special event posted to the GREYHOUND PLANET website or if you are looking for an event close to you where you can join in on the celebration - please go to: Scroll down and click on the link that will help you. There's plenty of information there to help you with whatever you need.

Our goal this year is to raise $150,000! I know together we can do it! If we raise $150,000 this year and put that amount with the already raised $350,000 from past years - we will have a grand total of $500,000 - all for the Greyhounds. Let's see if we can make history (and a LOT of money) for our precious beloved Greyhounds and their relatives! Join us and help make this world a better place for Greyhounds.

I'd like to take this time to thank everyone - the adoption groups, PETCO and the PETCO Foundation and the American European Greyhound Alliance for helping.

Sincerely and with GentleHugs,
Therese Skinner with Jackie, Heisman and Ashley MASD Greyhound Planet - Making the world safe for Greyhounds

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