St. Patrick's Day
2008 Pictures

Racing Home

[Racing Home Greyhound Association Logo]
Arriving and getting sorted out
[Leprechaun] [Banner]
RHGA's Van and Banner
[Jody and Teri]
Jody and Teri
[Jody, Teri, Linda]
Jody, Teri and Linda
[Linda and Rambo!]
Linda says she just LOVES Rambo!
[Shari] [Shari's son]
Shari's son
[Hail Hail]
Hail, Hail, the gang's all here!
[Lookin' Good!]
Lookin' Good!
Hagrid is joining the gang now
[Pooped Pup van]
Pooped Pup Van
[Here they come]
Here they come, walking down the street. . .
[Banner parade]
RHGA members and the banner
[Linda and Rambo!]
[Linda and Rambo!] [Linda and Rambo!] [Grif and friend]
Aren't we pretty?
[Green Horse]
A Horse of a Different Color
[Green Horse] [Green Horse]
[Star Wars] [Star Wars]
Is Darth Vader Irish?
[Star Wars]
[Star Wars] [Star Wars] [Star Wars]
[Irish Brigade]
The Irish Brigade!
[Irish Brigade] [Wizard]
It's a Wizard!
[Bye for another year!]
Linda and Tiff wave bye for another year!
[Tiff and Friend]
Tiff and friend

[Tiff and Friend]

[Tiff and Friend] [Tiff and Friend] [Tiff and boy]
In the van
[Van] [Van]
[Back Van]
[Back Van]
[Back van]

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